Swarm Waiting List

T & C’s

V4 01/04/23




The swarm list is a method to fairly distribute collected swarms to Association members to establish as colonies, further the take up of beekeeping, promote bee health and education.

Inclusion and position on the list will not necessarily be on a first come first served basis, preference will be given to new beekeepers and established keepers with a history of ethical colony husbandry and good standards of hive maintenance who have lost their only colony. 

In addition, members wishing to be included on the list must be active in Association life in one or more of the following areas:

•       Attending courses to further good practice and increase beekeeping knowledge and skills.

•       Volunteering to help at the end of season Association apiary clear up.

•       Volunteering at events like the WSBKA auction or on the Association stand at fairs and open days. The applications to join the swarm list will be taken from Available Now, if you feel you are able to take on a swarm, you can apply to join the list at any time after this date by contacting:



The first 10 names will be printed in the monthly Buzz newsletter. When a swarm becomes available the first person on the list will be contacted, if you are that person, you will then make arrangements to collect the swarm within same day preferrable, 24h maximum. If you are not ready for a swarm or in a position to take responsibility or you do not respond timely or cannot be contacted, the next person on the list will be contacted. In this case you will not lose your place on the list, however, if you are offered three swarms but don’t take one you will drop to the bottom of the list. To try have fair distribution we will limit one swarm per person, should supply outstrip demand this will be reviewed.

Please do not contact the Swarm coordinator for information on list placement or timings.

£30 is payable immediately on swarm pick up to cover costs associated with the collection and the Correx nuc with 5 frames with foundation any residual amount will be treated as a donation to the Association. 

The Association reserves the right to refuse entry to the list and removal from the list for unreasonable behaviour or poor beekeeping practice.