School Visits

CSBKA is always keen to visit schools and educate children about bees and pollination through discovery and creativity.  We have our very own enthusiastic Schools Liaison Officer, himself a retired teacher, who can visit your school bringing equipment and exciting static displays to engage the children and give them a remarkable insight learning about honeybees and pollinators and their importance to the environment.

His presentation aligns to the KS2 National Curriculum including the topics of:

  • Pollinators and pollination
  • Flowers for pollinators
  • Seed formation and dispersal
  • Life cycles of the bee
  • Symmetry in nature and in the hive
  • Habitats and the changing environment
  • Hive products – honey, wax, pollen
  • UV light and bees’ sight
  • Animal adaptation
  • 2D and 3D Shapes
  • Properties of Shapes

We offer a relaxed informal presentation where children are actively encouraged to participate and ask questions to enhance their learning.  There are also hands on learning activities through some innovative practical games working together in teams, much the same as a colony of bees!

There is no fixed charge for the talks although a donation to CSBKA is welcomed.