Beekeeping Course for Beginners


Thought of becoming a beekeeper?


Step 2 – Enrol on our Beekeeping Course for Beginners

Step 3 – Chose apiary location`

Step 4 – Purchase protective clothing and equipment

Step 5 – Select the hive – the home for the bees

No previous experience necessary – come and learn to be a beekeeper with us!

Beekeeping is a practical craft, and we aim to ensure that those on our Beekeeping Course for Beginners gain confidence and hands on experience in hive management throughout a full season receiving advice and guidance from the Apiary Team, our Educators and other experienced beekeeping members.

Every year our Beekeeping Course for Beginners commences in March with theory classes and then continues in April with practical sessions throughout the summer at our training apiary.  An insight of what is covered can be found in our Introduction to Beekeeping.

Introduction Course has now come to an end

The introductory course is now finished but we do have the 6 zoom sessions recorded if you would like to do the course remotely.


The cost is £50 and includes Ambrosian membership and access to the Training Apiary on Saturday mornings. Alternatively Ambrosian membership will give you access to the Training Apiary but not the course content.